Acoustic treatments and installation

We design acoustic treatment strategies to control how sound behaves within a space. We develop strategies that are sympathetic and responsive to aesthetic needs and produce bespoke solutions for a better sonic experience.

Our experienced team of installers insure that our acoustic design goals are optimized through correct installation of acoustic components.

Our acoustic treatment solutions can incorporate:

Design guidance
Seamless acoustic integration
Biophilic design elements
WELL building compliance
Consideration of aesthetics
Bespoke acoustic treatment plan
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What do we deliver?

Our primary goal is to produce the required acoustic response for your space, without sacrificing the aesthetic requirements. We provide the following to enable you to understand the influence of your material choices:

  • CAD drawings

  • Bespoke acoustic treatment plan

  • Design compliance certification

  • Bespoke acoustic panel design

  • Acoustic material specification

  • Specialist installers

  • Tailored room response

  • Calculated acoustic performance data

What are the benefits?






Clients we’ve worked with

Acoustic design and the bottom line


Increase in employee focus


Fewer workplace errors


Reduction in stress symptoms


Decrease in employee distraction

I have been involved with acoustic detail fitouts for 14 years, specialising in improving houses and workplace environments with sound insulation and specialised acoustic treatments. I have engaged acoustic engineers to provide acoustic specification and detail to ensure the outcome meets the requirements of my clients. My business has benefited very significantly since I was introduced to Derek, he has an unrivalled passion and respect for his profession. Derek begins all new project investigations listening carefully to the person or business affected, his attention to detail and high standards have meant that my clients feel very assured and confident that their project is in the right hands. Most of my domestic sound insulation projects begin with a client explaining how noise affects their life in relation to stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety. Derek provides reassurance and understanding in a professional and human way that my clients feel understood and confident that we can provide a solution to their problem and improve their quality of life. He has improved our standard of work significantly through not only providing detail but following through how its implemented, providing advice and education to us thus always maximising the outcome of a project. I have no doubt Derek will be held to a high recognition within his profession and will lead the way, I have never felt more reassured that my client or project is in the best possible hands. The growth of my business owes a lot to Derek, clients know I can deliver because they quickly see that he will not associate with poor practice and persons who don’t appreciate the detail requited. I could go on forever about what Derek has bought to us, but it will only take you minutes to know you have the right man on your project.
David Fitzgerald - Cunas Noise Reduction Solutions
We have engaged with Enhance Acoustics on a number of projects to date and have found that they are consistently thorough and professional in their undertakings. We look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.
Robert Glennon - Contracts Director - Glennwood

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